Our team comprises construction professionals who plan, build, renovate, remodel, and offer construction management services for a wide range of clients, including residential, commercial, and state projects.


Marpac specializes in projects that serve our community. We understand the importance of community organizations, and partner with organizations that share our mission to create a more equitable future for all.

Affordable housing

Marpac understands the value of affordable housing and how it supports greater equity for all. Affordable housing provides low- to moderate-income households with access to essential services, education, and local transit.

Market-rate housing

We understand the development and entitlement process for multifamily and commercial construction in Seattle. We support the owner and developer from feasibility, community outreach, and construction to project building turnover.


Marpac is a certified member of the Built Green Program and the LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program. Many of our team members are enrolled in the Exemplary Building Program, helping us create cost-effective, high-performing, and energy efficient projects.

Seismic renovation

When we reinforce a building to protect it against seismic activity, we also protect its heritage by matching new construction with existing elements, leaving as many of the original materials in place as possible.