Our business culture is formed by our principles. We’re passionate about our work, accountable to our responsibilities, and committed to excellence—for our clients, communities, and team.

Serving community development agencies and nonprofit organizations is both our specialty and a pillar of our company culture. We cultivate trusted relationships founded on honesty and fairness, an open-book approach, and professionalism in every detail.

For our clients, this means we bring a collaborative project philosophy, applied expertise, respect for all stakeholders, and a commitment to long-term relationships. We act as your trusted advisor, and we emphasize the highest levels of company quality, construction management, and leadership in every project we develop—all the way from feasibility to ribbon cutting.

For our employees, it means we invest in you. Marpac recognizes that our company is only as good as the people who work here. We empower our teams with safe and collaborative working environments, education, and fair compensation—so they can succeed on every project, whether they are in the office or in the field.

" We at CITC know the hard work and commitment it takes to accomplish such a challenge. The example Marpac Construction sets for the construction industry is one of which you should be proud. ”

— Sandra J. Olsen, Director, Construction Industry Training Council

And for our communities, we go beyond building facilities to take care of the people who use them. In the past 10 years, Marpac has donated more than $600,000 to over 70 nonprofit organizations. Our partners and staff have volunteered their time to support multiple philanthropic causes, and serve on the boards of nonprofits and committees for the City of Seattle, University of Washington, and industry organizations.

Marpac Construction is a leader in diversity. We are pleased to see other community builders and nonprofits building projects with the same appreciation and belief that we can all work together to create a more equitable future for our communities.

Our team inspires us to do our best every day. If you want to join our mission and build something great, visit our careers page.