When we reinforce a building to protect it against seismic activity, we also protect its heritage by matching new construction with existing elements, leaving as many of the original materials in place as possible to preserve its historic fabric.


From Elementary Education to Childcare services, Marpac understands the key role education plays in communities. Education provides social services, learning development, and growth.


Marpac specializes in projects that serve our community. This includes essential health facilities that support the community and provide quality health care to the most vulnerable community members.

Affordable Housing

Marpac understands the value of affordable housing and how it supports greater equity for all. Affordable housing provides low- to moderate-income households with access to essential services, education, and local transit.


We understand the complexity that is often involved with building spiritual facilities such as churches and monasteries. Marpac is committed to providing the owner with a building that is peaceful and functional.

Senior Care

Protecting community health includes supporting the oldest members. Marpac has built several senior care spaces that support activities, housing, and mixed use.

Market Rate Housing

We understand the development and entitlement process for multifamily and commercial construction in Washington. We support the owner and developer from feasibility, community outreach, and construction to project building turnover.